Challenge: The enrichment of Building Models with information from non-modelling advisors

Dutch contractors Volker Wessels and Stam&de Koning have been early openBIM supporters. The basic rules they developed for IFC file delivery have been adopted by the Dutch BIM Handbook as the BIMgeboden ('BIM commandments')

They envision a workflow where non-modeling experts such as a fire safety expert or an engineer can acces an online tool to edit certain parameters of object within a model, for instance a fire-rating or concrete strenght class parameter. This would enable better cooperation with these experts. There are actually two sub-challenges in this challenge. Each can be a nice hack for the weekend!

  • selecting/searching for an object within a model using a web environment and editing a certain parameter
  • re-integrating the edited parameter into BIM modeling software such as Revit, Archicad or Tekla without importing the entire model