AEChack 2015 was a great succes - look at the results here

We will be working on AEChack 2016 - watch this space for updates!

We all live, work and play in buildings and the built environment in between. The user experience of buildings however is not what we are used to, and the process of design and construction is arduous and based in old ways. Can we improve this?

For this hackathon we bring together the brightest minds in the built environment industry with hackers, coders, UI/UX-designers, robotica experts and more. In one weekend, we build new tools for the building industry, using open data and open standards.

How do you evaluate building designs? Can we optimise the exchange of building information? Can a building talk to you, or adapt to your wishes and needs? Can a building be open source?

Let’s combine digital Architecture, Construction and Engineering with Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Big Data and Augmented Reality to make dreams come true.

Come hack with us and be part of the future!